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Both the cemetery and the city contain original and unique historical, artistic and aesthetic achievements of the late classical art of extraordinarily high quality and historical importance, such as the architectural form of the royal palace and the magnificent wall paintings of the so-called Macedonian tombs, as well as objects such as the ivory portrait and miniature art, metal, gold and silver work. Many of these achievements were created by great artists of ancient Greece, such as Leochares and Nikomachos.

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This is vividly demonstrated in particular by the remarkable series of royal tombs and their rich contents. The World Heritage property contains within its boundaries all the key attributes that convey its Outstanding Universal Value. A zone of absolute protection, prohibiting any building activity, and containing the ancient city, its cemeteries and a Bronze-Age mount, ensures its integrity.

A wider protection zone, with building restrictions, ensures more the integrity of site.

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  • Macedonian political leaders fail to agree on election date.

Aigai provides some of the most complete, whole and intact ancient monuments, such as the palace and the sanctuaries, the so-called Macedonian tombs and complete specimens of rare pieces of ancient art. The natural setting, semi-mountainous landscape, rivers, flora , which corresponds to the ancient urban territory and the cultural remains of the Macedonian royal center, emphasizes the integrity of the property. The Archaeological Site of Aigai, with its artistic and architectural remains testifies its authenticity, in terms of form, materials and setting.

Macedonia Dating Site, % Free Online Dating in Macedonia, CM

It is generally accepted that excavation, especially of earthen structures and deposits, is necessarily an act of destruction. The original Great Tumulus is therefore no longer in existence, and has been simulated in the cover structure. The protective shelter has been constructed in order to protect and ensure the authenticity of the royal tombs. Its tumulus-shaped form and the technical specifications are in complete harmony and respect to the monuments.

However, the interiors of the tombs are entirely authentic, with only minimal modern interventions in order to preserve their continued stability. Elsewhere on the site e.

Macedonian political leaders fail to agree on election date

The complete and emblematic form of the royal palace, based on philosophical, political and architectural notions archetype of peristyle palatial buildings , served in antiquity and modern times as the prototype and a visual statement of the notion of the enlightened kingship. Some of the royal tombs have been sheltered. The protection of the monuments and their natural environment as a unit ensures the authentic context of the city and its cemeteries. The Congress Centre owned by the University of St.

Top Google Play apps in Macedonia (FYROM) | Dating | Top Free

Cyril and Methodius has a very attractive location on the bank of Lake Ohrid in the vicinity of If you want to have peace and calmness and to feel the true soul of Dojran , you can always visit us in Villa Dojrana. Villa Dojrana is located in the heart of Star Dojran John, famous for its frescoes and woodcarvings. The villa features three double rooms The right solution for parking problem and traffic jams!

To or from airports, train or bus station, to local or international destination, corporate or sport events, shopping trips, birthday parties, hotels, holiday destinations….

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Its astonishingly clean and clear waters.. Mountain biking is a great sport to practice in Macedonia, with more than thousands of off-road and dirt tracks. Online Dating in Skopje despoto. Skopje Personal Ads elenafalcon. Skopje Free Personals vlatko The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never

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