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A Short History of Pewter Tankards
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View our range of pewter tankards at buyatankardcom - the tankard specialists most of our pewter tankards can be engraved so you can personalise your tankard and make it. The stein mark identification web-site compiled by chris wheeler. It was during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries that pewter attained all sorts of plates and mugs five plates of these touch-marks, dating from. Some collectors are afraid of old pewter not because the tin alloy contains a little lead and antimony, a close relation to arsenic, but because the unsorted heaps of grey metal tankards, teapots and candlesticks on traders' stalls are so perplexing.

Regimental beer steins regardless of what the stein was made of, almost all had pewter lids the most common sizes are half-litre and one-litre.

This gift box includes two of our hand crafted mugs, we then add 2 of our 16 oz red wing stoneware pub pints, 1 grillmat 2 pk set,. Some features of tavern pewter mugs and a guide to dating them taken from pewter of great britain — for pleasure and investment by christopher peal published in Pair of english pewter mugs or cups, english jacobite, mid-georgian, wine drinking glass with an engraved bowl, dating from the middle of the 18th century,. Pewter ware - etsy. When I was your my brother and used the base to shoot at with a pellet gun…ahhh. It has a very small hole and I would like to repair it properly.

I have used wax for now so I can drink my fav beer. I have an old tankard that I have which has a raised pic of King George the 1st on it, a court jester on the top of the lid and three legs which are cherubs. I was told by an appraiser it was a Presentation Tankard. Do you think this has any value?

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It does have a few small dents in it. Hello Ken, I have many enquiries regarding Pewter Tankards and its so nice to hear that people treasure them. You will need to give them all information on your tankare. I have six pewter tankards that graduate in size.

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Flat lids with acorns. Are they of interest to you or anyone? I was wondering if you could help me with an unusal tankard that I have. It appears to be made of lead and is glazed. Hi Rita Roberts — I came across this blog post while trying to analyse a poem, actually, which mentions tankards.


Can you tell me anything about the class-associations of tankards, pubs, etc.? There are several places you can search on Google for this info. Here are a couple, l Treasures, Raise your tankard to poor mans silver. Let me know how you get on. I have just acquired a pair of extremely heavily cast and heavy bellied victorian pint pots in gunmetal, which have the VR and verification marks for LCC, plus GR66, presumably Gv. I have come across a few gunmetal pots in the past, but never with verification marks, which presumably means they were meant for use in some pub or other drinking establishment.

Dating pewter mugs Casual Dating With Beautiful Persons

Can you enlighten me on these please? They may know about gun-metal as well. I have recently acquired a pair of victorian heavily cast bellied pewter pint pots in gunmetal. Perhaps they were sold to a self important publican, or used by a dignitary of the LCC. I would appreciate any information on the subject.

I love history and would like to pass on this love to my children. Rather than buying a modern tankard engraved with this historical event, I would like to purchase three genuine tankards used around this time. Maybe they were actually used for the same purpose!! Any ideas on where to look to find tankards for this date period. Thank you Regards Mark.

First I suggest you buy a book with all information about antique pewter tankards which you can get from W. Then when you are satisfied with your research visit a few antique shops and browse. Of course there are going to be fakes so if you have done your research you should be able to know what to look for.

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You could also contact The Pewter Society but for this you will have to look up the address and other contact details on Google. Please let me know how you get on and if you need further information. Reblogged this on Ritaroberts's Blog and commented:.

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