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Why I Left an Evangelical Cult - Dawn Smith - TEDxNatick

Many are now divorced. Many have completely walked away from the Lord.

Evangelistic Dating

For some, it has meant both divorce and walking away. Some struggle on in unhappy marriages. One or two I can think of have actually succeeded — but only after many additional difficulties and heartaches. One final note to friends of those who are in an evangelistic dating relationship.

Evangelistic dating - First email online dating examples

You may think it is none of your business. You may not want to alienate them.

But they need to be warned. Perhaps they will listen.

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I know there are those that I wish I had had the courage to confront. That is so true!!! There are many nice Christian young men out there whom if I were to date and marry I would still be leading in the relationship..

But Yes — I think you have a good point. Is this a man I am willing to let lead me? You are commenting using your WordPress.

Evangelistic Dating | My Journal

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Menu Skip to content. I can sum up my opinion on evangelistic dating in three words: Unrest destroys the mission of the church in loving each other and reaching the lost. People who are evangelistic daters almost never bring a visitor to church who is of the same sex. There is something really creepy psychologically unhealthy about girls who can't make friends with girls and a guy that can't make friends with guys to bring them to Christ.

Leading a person to Christ is about loving them unconditionally. That unconditional love is what brings you to the next step.

Singleness, Christianity and getting older (but not old)

The goal of evangelism is not just getting a person in the church once a week. The goal is a relationship in the family of God.

The strings attached to dating make that unconditional love that you must commit to a person to reach and keep them for Christ almost impossible. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 6: It means that when we are looking for an close dependable relationship, like a date, spouse, business partner, or roommate, we should find a person who shares our passions and passion for Jesus. Posted by Pastor With Coffee at 8: December 4, at Newer Post Older Post Home.